"She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something."
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I miss you so much. So much that I want to take a bus and head outside your house and wait for you to come out and be surprised. This time I will not hesistate to hug you. Or to hold your hand. To tell you everything that I have been thinking about. I miss you so much it hurts. Even more because I don’t have the guts to tell you.


Or impress. Lol whatever. Anyway, this was our activity in SC101. My idea of “dress-to-impress” is literally to wear a dress. Because it’s very unusual of me. I only wear them on occasions and yeah, SC stuff for my course. The thing is, when I wear a dress people always say, “Wow naman Reyzel? Reyzel?”  And they get some kind of second look to realize that sometimes, I can be a girl. Yay. Then the shoes, thos are about 4 inches, which isn’t obvious in the picture but anyway, I hate wearing heels. I did not say I hate them, I said I hate wearing them. Basically because I walk like a guy. Srsly, my guy friends admitted that I walked manlier than them. That hurts. Hahahaha just kidding, although yeah it’s true that why, me wearing heels=awkward tall girl walking in a very weird way. LOL. But the thing is, I am tall and when I wear heels, I’m even taller, and I get a few extra pounds of confidence when I speak in front. Hihi. Just don’t stare at me walking. Believe me, I’m trying to work on that.


I was tagged by @shcaen 😉 So yeah here it goes, 20 facts about me:

1.My name “Reyzel” is a combination of my Dad’s name, Reynolds, and my Mom’s name, Hazel. Tada!
2. I sing to soothe my soul. It keeps me sane. I also play the guitar and the keyboards. Yeah okay I’m obsessed with music.
3. Basically, I am a band geek.
4. I am easily attracted to guitarists and guys who can sing. In other words, musically inclined guys. Tee-hee
5. I have six piercings.
6. I have huge manly feet. My shoe size is 10. Sometimes 9. Lol
7. I am obsessed with shoes! Boots and sneakers are my babies!
8. I am a pure blood and proud Kapampangan!
9. My hair is naturally curly, and “wild-looking” (lol waht??) I usually just try to make it “calm-looking” by using a straightening iron.
10. I am a very ticklish person. Even my palms are ticklish.
11. I have a thing for journals and diaries. My high school life is basically written in four diaries. And now I still own a journal. I love writing about everything and then the feeling I get whenever I read it some other time (especially when it’s a loooong time) is priceless.
12. I am afraid of heights. Which is ironic because I’m currently studying in Baguio City.
13. I am not a morning person. Seriously, I get pissed a lot especially when I don’t have enough sleep. Lol sorry.
14. I have a resting-bitch-face. That’s why people always label me a bitch or an intimidating person as their first impression. Which they mostly take back once they know me. (weh)
15. I have watched every episode of How I Met Your Mother 123456789th times. And also, Friends. They are the two TV series I never get tired of watching over and over again.
16. Most of my t-shirts are from the guy’s section. And I am not the kind of girl who loves dresses. There’s always a reason behind every dress I endure to wear.
17. I LOVE COFFEE. AND TEA. 💕 Coffee shops are the place where I usually have my me-time.
18. I like having movie marathons. Whether it’s with the people I love or just me.
19. I love reading! (for pleasure, not for acads lol)
20. I dream of becoming a MYX VJ someday 👊
And I’m tagging one of my favorite people here on instagram, @calaurice hihi mwa 😘

Anonymous asked:
Saan ka nag-aaral? :) Love your blog btw!

University of the Philippines Baguio! *sabog confetti* (lol) Awww thanks! xx